Tyler Breeze unhappy with his WWE status

Tyler Breeze joins Naomi and Luke Harper in speaking about their frustrations with the WWE.



Breeze took to Twitter and made tweets which hinted at his displeasure on the way the company utilizes him.

He wrote, “Eventually you say No Thank you I’m worth more….”

A fan asked if there is some kind of ‘underutilized revolution’ going on what with Naomi and Luke Harper voicing their frustration recently. Breeze relayed that while the other two have seen pushes in their career, he has been underutilized for four years.

Another fan said that he should follow the example of Jinder Mahal who worked himself beyond his limits to move to the main event picture. Breeze said that while respects Mahal for what he did, the fan was an example of people of don’t know how things work behind the scenes.

Breeze worked in NXT from 2013 until he made his main roster debut in 2015. Although he was involved in storylines in NXT, he was severely underutilized and didn’t have a great run on the main roster, nor did he win any championship in his career in the WWE. We hope WWE takes notice of him now, or we might be a future departure here

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