Tyron Woodley Drops Jake Paul ‘Racial’ Bombshell

Tyron Woodley will be facing Jake Paul in a highly-hyped showdown that will take place on August 28th. However, the trash-talking ahead of the encounter is already beginning. Woodley responded to Paul after the younger Paul brother had posted a picture of him knocking out former NBA star Nate Robinson, along with Nate with Mayweather after Woodley had posted pictures of himself training with Mayweather.
Woodley took a serious shot at Paul by saying: “Since you want to be black so bad I’ll make sure I land you like that so you can fulfill your dreams” – referring to the fact that he plans on giving Jake Paul a black eye. This top boxing name is training Tyron Woodley



Woodley would take another shot at Paul, as seen in the video below, where Jake Paul also asked on social media ‘What will I turn Tyron Woodley into’? To which Woodley responded, ‘A billionaire’. It is safe to say that the trash-talking between these two is only just beginning on the road to their collision against each other.

In other news regarding Jake Paul – the social media star turned boxer has another rival outside of Tyron Woodley and that is the UFC and head executive Dana White. Paul has been attacking White for allegedly underpaying his fighters and this development took a new and interesting turn as Paul donated twenty-five thousand dollars to an up and coming UFC star in Sarah Alpar after it was announced she was looking to raise thirty-thousand dollars to train and continue her MMA career.

Alpar would state the below remarks following Jake Paul’s donation. Credit to MMAMania for the below quote.

Tyron Woodley’s daughter recently dropped this Jake Paul bombshell. “Thank you for believing in me,” Alpar wrote online. “The ‘Too Sweet’ Tribe grew by thousands today, and I couldn’t be happier to have every one of you a part of it. We reached our financial goal! A huge shoutout to Jake Paul for causing a splash on the socials for my campaign; seriously life-changing. Changes are happening this week and beyond. Get ready to see growth! Beast mode!”

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