Tyron Woodley ‘Proves’ Jake Paul Using Steroids

What can you expect in professional sports? The world of sports has always been chock full of allegations ranging from A-Z and many sports stars taking more than just their vitamins and milk to get one leg up on their competition. While not every athlete has taken steroids, it is always a very hot button topic. If anyone is keen on hot button topics, it’s none other than Jake Paul, but what happens when the tables turn and he’s the one under fire? Ben Askren Wife Drops Jake Paul Bombshell.



Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul have really had it out with each other in recent months. The two are set to go one on one very soon, but this rivalry seems like it has gone on forever. Just recently, one of Paul’s crew members got into Tyron Woodley’s mom’s face. Now, nothing was actually said to the mother a source reported, but it was still there for shock factor.

Woodley is now firing back by stating that he believes Jake Paul is on ‘vitamin S’. In a recent table top interview with Ariel Helwani, Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley went back to back with insults for the entirety of the interview. Jake Paul first cut deep when he called Woodley a speed bump. Woodley fired back by stating: “Speaking of bumps, those bumps on your face kind of alarm me. You wouldn’t happen to be taking PEDs would you?”

Paul stated: “Listen, if you want to make excuses….” Woodley then stated that he was simply asking a question about PEDs and and that Paul was getting enraged. It should be mentioned that Paul dodged the question entirely and his eyes were insanely wide when Woodley asked about PEDs just to paint a picture for our readers.

Later on in the interview, Paul asked Woodley what he would do about his fatigue issues. Woodley said he didn’t take steroids like Paul, so he would just do more cardio. Paul then said that Woodley is accusing him of something that they get tested for, but again was not direct about denying Woodley.

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