Tyrus Talks About His Appearance For GFW Being Cancelled By TNA

Tyrus better known as Brodus Clay in WWE joined Rob McCarron and Jeff Hawkins on Shake Them Ropes this week to discuss joining TNA and the cancellation of his Global Force Wrestling appearances last month.



On joining TNA:

“When I was let go, I had my mind made up that I was going to TNA already. You don’t know if things are going to work or not, but in a short amount of time, when you say TNA, you think EC3. You think Tyrus.”

On his appearance for GFW being cancelled by TNA:

“I was confused as to why I was asked not to do the shows. TNA said I could work wherever I want with the exception of companies with TV. When it was explained to me, I talked with Jeff to let him know, and no one really smartened me up. When he came walking onto TNA, I was like, ‘What… the hell?’ Immediately one of the reps came up to me and said, ‘You can work his shows now.’ I told him it was very important that you get away from me right now. I was hot.”


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