Tyson Fury Family Leaks Sad Deontay Wilder ‘Threat’

The two-time World Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury is set to square off against Deontay Wilder in a trilogy fight on 9th October at the T-Mobile Arena Las Vegas, Nevada. Tyson’s father, John Fury was infuriated on Monday when he reacted to Deontay Wilder’s accusations about his son cheating in their rematch last year.



John Fury defends Tyson Fury from Wilder’s accusations

John said that Wilder is a liar and that he’ll have him in court if he keeps talking. Fury had to postpone his scheduled July 24th fight against Wilder after testing positive for COVID-19.

Many fans believe that Fury was never sick and he pulled out because he didn’t have a good camp. There are also rumors of Fury being knocked out by his sparring partners and worked over by Jared Anderson.

John Fury spoke to Boxing Social and when told that Deontay says he can ‘damage’ Fury in their October 9th fight, he said:

“The only thing he can damage is Tyson’s brain by talking him to death by talking bull s*** and Tyson listening to his bull s***.“But you know something? Tyson takes no more notice of him than I do as a stone in the road. That man has got zero respect for the Fury family. The only thing that Tyson thinks of him is a good payday and 20 minutes of work to dispose of a big-mouth man like him because Deontay Wilder, I don’t like him.

He added:

“He’s a bad sportsman, he’s a liar, and I would have him in court. Let me tell you this, Deontay Wilder, if you keep coming out with those accusations, mate. I’m in charge now.You’ll be in court, pal. I want you to back up everything you’ve said in detail. So when the next press conference comes, you’ve got some explaining to do. Don’t do me up, pal, because you’re a liar. So, therefore, don’t make any more bull s*** up, or you’ll be in court, and you won’t be getting a third fight.”

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