Tyson Fury ‘Unhinged Rant’ Video In Sparring Leaks

The two-time world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury sent a message to his upcoming opponent Deontay Wilder on Monday. He shot the video in his gym after a training session.



Tyson Fury sent a fiery video message to Deontay Wilder

Furyhas faced a lot of criticism after he tested positive for COVID-19 that caused the postponement of his July 24th trilogy with Wilder. Many fans believe it was an excuse to bail out of the fight. In the video clip, WBC heavyweight champion Fury (30-0-1, 21 KOs) referred to his nemesis Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KOs) as a “sausage’ and a “big useless dosser. ” The menacing look on the face of ‘The Gypsy King’ was noted to be the difference.

This wasn’t the nice happy-go-lucky Fury that we’d seen before. Fury’s tone and look on his face spoke of a fighter that has mean intentions towards Wilder. Deontay Wilder ‘Health Problem’ Before Fury Fight Leaks

Obviously, the words that Fury used in his message have been recycled numerous times over the last three years, but what’s different is the look on his face. Fury is different now and appears that he wants to do damage.

Physically, Fury is apparently in great shape. He’s putting on muscle and appears to be on his way back to bulking up to 270+ lbs for the trilogy match on October 9th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

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