Tyson Fury Wife Posts Beach Swimsuit Photo

Tyson Fury’s wife Paris Fury has posted beach swimsuit photos months after Tyson defeated Deontay Wilder for the third time.



While Tyson Fury is one of the faces of combat sports in the ring boxing, Joe Rogan is the face of combat sports broadcasts with UFC. The long-tenured Joe Rogan has been entailed in a few controversies recently. He posted an amusing response to all the controversies he’s been dealing with lately. Rogan has been all over the news this past week following a series of controversies. He was being accused of spreading misinformation about the virus on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, on Spotify. Another alarming issue followed suit over the weekend when a video compilation of him saying the “N-word” on his podcast went viral.

Joe Rogan reacts

Some believe that Rogan is stressed out at the moment with the rigor of the issues he is involved in. However, the renowned comedian still found a way to inject humor into his situation. In his most recent Instagram post, Rogan shared a short clip of a food item on fire with the following caption:

“When people are like, ‘how are you handling all this bulls**t?’ I send them this. Plus I’m on [mushroom emoji]”


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Joe Rogan dropped the N-Bomb

Joe Rogan’s “N word” compilation already gained some heat and had almost one million views on Twitter. As expected, media people have begun sharing their takes on the subject. It seems that PatriotTakes wanted to make a point to the people who sided with Rogan on the controversy. The intention was made clear when it wrote: “This is who the right is defending.”

Amid the controversies, the company refused to remove all of Joe Rogan’s content despite a recent appeal from some musicians and podcasters. However, Spotify tried to find common ground and began removing several JRE episodes. It has been noted that the total number of deleted episodes has reportedly reached 113.

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