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Tyson Kidd on if he resents Samoa Joe for ending his career

Samoa Joe would make his main roster debut facing Tyson Kidd. Except, it turned out to be horrific. Joe would hit Kidd with a botched muscle buster, which would cause a career-ending injury to Tyson Kidd.

Tyson Kidd spoke to The Winston Whig-Standardwhere he revealed if he had any resentment towards Joe for ending his career or not. He said wrestlers never intend to hurt each other and that Joe had no ill intentions. In fact, Joe visited him in the hospital and was apologetic about what he did.

“There’s an unwritten protocol when you hurt somebody. And when I say you hurt somebody, obviously it’s not on purpose, but it still happens. I know I’ve rocked guys before where I checked on them after to make sure everything’s cool.

“Joe did come to the hospital that night.

“We spoke that night. We would text throughout the time I was hurt, but I only saw him face to face when I got hurt and when I did see him that night, things were still up in the air with the severity of my injury. He was definitely remorseful and I think we all are when we hurt somebody and when somebody gets hurt under our watch.

“Stuff happens. We perform at such a high level so many days a week that things are going to happen. We just have to do the best we can to take care of each other and to let a person know that we’re there for them when they do get hurt.

“My first day back as a producer after two years, once I was out of meetings, he was the first guy who I Terminator-style sought out and found. And we had a very good talk and we’re friends. We get along great.”

So it seems despite what happened, Tyson Kidd has no resentment towards Joe for the botch that essentially ended his career and almost his life.

h/t to The Winston-Whig Standard for the transcription.

  • CC

    I think this shows the difference in a pure accident due to mistiming and the regret it causes, and an unsafe worker.
    Joe has pulled that move off 1000’s of times and never injured anyone, so was just sadly one of those things.
    I am sure Joe will always have a lot of regret for that accident, and he will have to live with it as well.

    Now while I would not call Owen Hart an unsafe worker, the fact he did that pile driver on Austin despite people saying he shouldn’t, then according to Austin, never actually apologised for it, that is where you have to call someone out on stuff.

    And lets not even start on the likes of the current botch queen and her actions.

    There will be times in everyones career where they accidentally injure someone, even on a minor level, but it is all about how you deal with that person after and what you do to stop it happening again, that matters.