UFC 269 Fighter Drops Steroids Bombshell

The top contender in the bantamweight division Julianna Pena recently revealed how fighters at gym she attended abused steroids. Kamaru Usman Exposes ‘Weirdo’ Conor McGregor



Julianna Pena reveals about steroids

Pena is set to fight Amanda Nunes for the title at UFC 269. She was a young upstart competing on and eventually winning, The Ultimate Fighter. During this time, she was training a bit at American Top Team, working there as early as 2014. Pena recently talked about this while speaking in an interview on The MMA Hour, but she had some interesting information to reveal. She explained that she attended the gym at a time where the other fighters were doing some suspicious activities.

“That was when I won The Ultimate Fighter when everyone was down at the gym shooting their butts with steroids. Yeah, that was that era,” Peña said.

Pena explained further details that she went to ATT pre-USADA and was greeted by gym owner and head coach Dan Lambert. While showing her the ropes, he was open about the fact that at least the women fighters in the gym were injecting themselves with steroids, insisting that they all did so:

“That’s literally what their head coach told me. Like, they were welcoming me into the gym, and he was like, ‘The girls shoot themselves in the ass in the bathroom. They do it to each other.’ And I’m like, ‘No, they don’t.’ And he was like, ‘I swear to God they’re all on steroids.’ I literally didn’t believe him and he was literally shaking at me like, ‘I promise! They’re doing it!,’” Peña said.


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