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UFC Boss Denies Recent Talks with WWE Champion Brock Lesnar, Note on Bellator Interest

– We noted recently via The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE officials were working with the idea that current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar will likely be returning to UFC once his current deal expires shortly after WrestleMania 31. reports that UFC President Dana White told them that he has not talked to Lesnar. Apparently there has been no progress in their talks over the past few months.

On a related note, while Bellator MMA is also interested in Lesnar, they have made no offer to him.

  • D2K

    I really don’t see how going back to MMA is advantageous to Brock Lesnar. Does Bellator or UFC have the money that can match or exceed what WWE can pay him to basically work once every 2 months? I mean if they do please tell me.

    I would say that Brock’s current tenure is kinda losing some steam and maybe they should wrap it up, but going back to MMA? Ida know bout that. If I was him if he REALLY wants to do this I would work out a deal where Lesnar can come in every Wrestlemania and take over the Undertaker’s spot as the “must-see” attraction every year while he can still pursue opportunities elsewhere. Since he broke the streak it is only natural. After Undertaker annihilated Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka at Wrestlemania VII he became the ‘Phenom.’ Since Brock ended the streak, the torch should be passed to him.

  • Guest

    If I’m Bellator I offer Brock as much as I can. Over there he can actually be dominant and win, plus it would be a huge blow to UFC. But if Brock doesn’t wanna go there, I try to do some under the table type deal with WWE where Bellator gives them money so they can match or exceed UFC’s offer so Brock returns there. The one thing Bellator can’t do is allow Lesnar to go back to UFC. It hurts them too much. Just like UFC wasn’t really interested in CM Punk. Bellator was, but UFC didn’t want to get the short term media exposure.