UFC Fighter Arrested For Attacking Taxi Driver

Former UFC fighter Alessio Di Chirico has spoken out about the incident that led to his arrest in Spain for allegedly attacking a taxi driver. Di Chirico, who was on vacation in Formentera with his partner and children, shared his side of the story regarding the altercation that took place during their trip.



According to Di Chirico, after dining at a restaurant, he had booked a taxi to transport them back to their hotel. Upon arrival, he paid the driver as usual. However, a confrontation erupted between Di Chirico and the driver. The former middleweight fighter reportedly struck the driver in the face, resulting in a fractured cheekbone and eye damage. Subsequently, local authorities arrested Di Chirico, and he spent a night in jail before being released.

In response to the incident, Di Chirico has shed light on his version of events. He explained that due to the taxi not having sufficient seats for children, he had requested to sit in the back with his partner and kids. Although Spanish traffic laws prohibit such arrangements, Di Chirico was concerned about his son repeatedly hitting his head during the ride.

According to multiple sources, former UFC middleweight Alessio Di Chirico has been arrested yesterday in Formentera, Spain, after he assaulted a taxi driver who drove him and his family from the restaurant to the hotel.

Di Chirico expressed discontent with the situation, claiming that after paying for the ride, the taxi driver allegedly smiled in response to the discomfort experienced by his children. The 33-year-old fighter also stated that the driver initiated physical contact by grabbing him first.

By sharing his perspective, Di Chirico aims to provide context to the incident and assert that his actions were not random acts of violence but rather a reaction to a series of events he found concerning for the safety and well-being of his family.

As the legal process unfolds, both sides of the story will be examined, and the appropriate authorities will determine the outcome. Di Chirico’s account sheds light on the factors that contributed to the altercation, presenting a different narrative to consider in evaluating the incident.

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