UFC Fighter Attacks Cody Rhodes: ‘His Dad Was Fat’

Chael Sonnen spent about 3 minutes violently roasting Cody Rhodes on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Hour despite Ariel’s repeated attempts to ignore him and change the subject, Dirt Sheet Radio reports on Facebook.



Chael: “Cody Rhodes wow what an unloyal guy, stabbed Vince in the back and worked his way back into it..”
Ariel: “stop…… look at the picture..”
Chael: “You gotta be careful when you stab people in the back like that”
Ariel: “look at the picture, look at the picture…”
Chael: “you usually don’t hold up.. how is Cody?, is he a nice guy.”
Ariel: “He’s Great….. Yup”
Chael: “Is he really? Did you call him on his lack of loyalty”
Ariel: “No he was fantastic”
Chael: “Really..”
Ariel: “look at the picture of you, you’re always fixing the glasses but I feel like we need to fix the part here on the bridge”
Chael: “you don’t say that Cody don’t even go.. what’s it like to wake up and that guy that set the table for your entire family, you backstabbed.”
Ariel: “No…. he’s back”
Chael: “ya ya I understand they took him back, but I’m saying do you ever ask him about the lack of loyalty”
Ariel: “No, Never, I’m a disloyal guy myself… so there you go”
Chael: “sure….Are we going to play darts or not!!, Let’s throw some darts around”
Ariel: “Ariel vs The Bad Guy”
*They’re playing darts, Chael is first, no practice shots*
Chael: *completes his turn* “Never in my life, have I held a dart… That I know of, that’s not a true statement, never that I know of…. I date girls and things like that.”
Ariel adds up Chaels points,
Chael: “Even with Cody Rhodes, you wouldn’t ask that you know Vince McMahon set the table..”
Ariel: “I’m a little nervous here..”
Chael: “You wouldn’t have clothes growing up, your fat slob of a father. You didn’t say anything like this?”
Ariel: “No. Nothing.” (Ariel ignoring Chael while he throws darts, he’s been avoiding answering Cody Rhodes questions the whole segment)
Chael: Your fat slob of a father…
*Ariel tries to explain foot placement for throwing darts (changing the subject from Cody Rhodes)*
Chael: “Your father looked like he had no athleticism but Vince gave him Millions, you didn’t.. like this doesn’t come up?”
*Ariels ignoring the question*
Chael: “Hes a great guy, Tattooed his neck, turned on the business…”
Ariel: “what is that 17?”
Chael: “Got another guy to buy in and turn his back on him too… but those things didn’t come up?”
Chael: “I feel like you could’ve gotten a better intervie..”
Ariel: “AAAAHHHH,what is 18 X 3 is??”
*Takes them awhile to figure it out.*
Chael: “who won?!”
Ariel: “Me!!!”
Chael: “Good Job Buddy, Good Job
Chael: “…..You really didn’t ask Cody about those??” *crosses arms*
Ariel: *flexing* “By the way I’ve been working out lately”
Chael: “I’m going to kick you right in the nuts… you look good, you look good.. are we done with this interview, I can’t tell what’s happening here… you get so nervous so nervous about Cody.”

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