UFC Fighter Booed During Trump Rant In Video

Colby Covington didn’t have a good night at UFC 296. He lost the fight to Leon Edwards and then tried to blame it on the judges for not giving him the win. The fighter also tried to use Donald Trump as a reason to get the cheers from the people in attendance, but instead he was booed by the fans.



According to MMA Fighting, Colby tried to put the blame on the judges. Colby said some really hard words during the post fight conversation. When asked about why he had a tough time during the bout, he said, “You know I have had a long layoff so I think the ring rust had to do with it but I want to shoutout to the first responders, our millitary, those are the real heroes, the celebrities of our country. Also want to shoutout Donald Trump, you can delay it, but you can’t deny it, he’s gonna make America great again. We need these borders secure, we need inflation down, and make America first again. Donald Trump the only one that’s gonna do it again. Trump 2024.”

The interviewer asked him another question on the fact that this was his third shot at the title and how does he feel after this. Colby started talking about a couple of things before switching back to talking about Donald Trump. He said, “Oh, I feel great. I don’t feel I got touched. It was an easy fight. I don’t have a scratch on me. So, you know a little, I would like to get back to work, early part of next year, first quarter of next year, hey, anybody that faced adversity in life, don’t hang your head, come back stronger from it. Just like Trump, he had a rigged election but he’s gonna come back stronger, he’s gonna make America great again.”

While Colby tried to switch the conversation towards Trump’s rigged election the interviewer kept talking about his fight and his ring rust. Colby started talking about it, and then added his own part to switch the meaning. When asked if he made a mistake, he said, “Yeah I made a mistake. It was my game but I made a bad adjustment early on, so you know I am only gonna learn from this. I am gonna go back to the drawing board.”

It’s worth noting that Leon Edwards won the bout, but it was Colby Covington’s speech and constant shoutout to Trump that got people in splits. The comments on the conversation posted on X (formerly Twitter) confirm that fans loved the way Colby was endorsing Trump. There’s no information on what Colby Covington would do next and if it will be worth the time where Trump invites him for his campaign.

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