UFC Fighter Chokes Man For Stealing Cell Phone

Kevin Holland, a beloved welterweight in the UFC, recently made headlines for his crime-fighting efforts in Texas. Dubbed a “superhero” by some, Holland has been actively patrolling the streets, taking down car thieves, rescuing stranded drivers, and even preventing a robbery before winning his fight at UFC Austin in June 2022. He is not alone in this endeavor as other athletes have also been known to enforce the law on the streets.



On Wednesday, former UFC bantamweight and featherweight Felipe Colares revealed his own crime-fighting exploits in an Instagram post.

Alongside an image showing him with back control of an individual and with a loose rear-naked choke locked in, Colares explained in the caption that the man had been accused of assaulting a woman and stealing her cellphone.

The Brazilian noted that he was able to use his black-belt credentials in Brazilian jiu-jitsu to apprehend the individual before the arrival of police.

“Returning from training this afternoon, we came across an alleged assault on a woman, on the beach of the Bandeirantes playground,” Colares wrote. “Returned the car, and went to the lady to ascertain the situation, and actually it was a robbery. Me and my friends @_matheusbjj and @atletayurenascment returned the car, and spotted the boy. Seeing that he was unarmed, we intervened and were able to immobilize the rascal only using the jiu-jitsu techniques of my master @kennyadias, leader of @blacknorte.oficial and also GPCI that I have been learning from Master @ericapaes5 and @sylviobehring on the @empoderadas.rj program.

“We managed to capture the criminal, recovered the victim’s cell phone, and today we have one less robber on the streets. It was great to collaborate with the Police and the @euapoio_recreiopresente who are fighting these BANDITS on a daily basis,” Colares continued. “I do not recommend that unprepared people take this attitude, but today I became 1% better. Us 💪🏻 🥋✅”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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