Colby Covington Claims He Got UFC Star’s Wife Pregnant

Dustin Poirier recently got the TKO victory in the opening round at UFC 264 against Conor McGregor, who suffered a horrific leg injury during the fight. It turns out The Diamond might have got his opponent for his upcoming bout.



It is none other than Colby Covington, who made some made bold comments on Poirier and his family. Nate Diaz Leaving UFC For New Company?

Colby Covington brings up Dustin Poirier and his family

Colby Covington recently claimed that he is the father of Parker (Dustin Poirier’s daughter) and husband of Jolie Poirier. While speaking on Combat Sports he talked about Dustin’s daughter and wife.

He said:

“I’m really Parker’s Daddy you know, it’s not Dustin who is Parker’s Daddy, I am Parker’s Daddy, and I am Jolie’s husband.”

Covington also had an interview with Fanatics View when he called Poirier’s win against McGregor a ‘fluke’. Here is what he had to say:

“He’s out there strutting in front of Conor’s face. Obviously, it was a fluke. Conor broke his leg. It was a fluke decision ending. It wasn’t a knockout, it wasn’t a clear-cut decision, it wasn’t a submission. The guy is out there strutting in front of the guy’s face at a downfall when (McGregor) made his career and did everything for Dustin to give him this big fight.

I thought it was funny. It showed his true colors, character – he’s got his little prop, his wife Jolie out there. Obviously, she’s a prop. He only uses her for a prop because he knows he’s a piece of sh*t person and he wants to act like he’s a nice guy, family man, a father and a good husband. So it just showed his true character (Saturday) night. He’s a dirtbag, and so is the whole camp he resides at.”

We will see if UFC sets up a bout between Covington and Poirier down the line.

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