UFC Fighter Launches a New Business with UFC Approval, Trigg’s Company Done

– Frank Trigg has shut down his Trigganomics clothing line in order to focus on his return to the UFC. He has signed a three-fight deal with Silver Star clothing, which will call for a signature T-shirt, hat and hoodie. They are expected to be released by UFC 103, when Trigg makes his UFC return. Trigg made the following comments on the change…



“There were two reasons for the change. The first was financial. The economy is tough right now, and it made sense to develop a partnership with Silver Star. Second, I need to focus full time on training. The sport has developed over the years, and I need to spend all of my time solely on preparing for my fight. This is my last run in the UFC, and while I hope it’s a long run, I can’t try to operate a business at the same time.”

– With the approval of the UFC and president Dana White, Stephan Bonnar recently launched NGAUGE INC., a company that will specialize in high-end paintings and artwork, which includes UFC-themed items. Here is what Bonnar had to say about the new venture…

“We do high-end paintings and artwork, then we have prints that we sell. Dana likes it, and he’s going to let us go ahead with it. The original painting, the last time I was home me and my buddy were hanging out, and he just wanted some sort of poster of me and Forrest’s fight. Nothing like that existed, so we set out to make one. We want to make these for all of the best fights through history – the popular fighters, the big events. There’s a lot of possibilities. We also want to put these designs on T-shirts, and we weren’t even going to pitch that yet, but they suggested it already, so they’re on the same page.”

You can get the first four lithograph prints, which include artwork focused on the Griffin vs. Bonnar bout, former UFC champion Chuck Liddell, current UFC champion Georges St. Pierre and July’s historic UFC 100 event by going to ngaugeinc.com. The lithograph prints are $125, while original works (featuring St. Pierre and UFC 100) can be purchased for $15,000.

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