UFC Fighter Threatens To Slap Brock Lesnar

Gilbert Burns threatened to slap Brock Lesnar during a press conference in a video below.



Brock Lesnar was recently asked if his offspring would pursue a career in amateur wrestling or WWE in the future. Lesnar, who is married to Rena (formerly known as Sable in WWE) and has four children, addressed the topic during an interview with UFC legend Daniel Cormier on ESPN MMA.


Lesnar stated that his sons Duke and Turk, aged 12 and 11 respectively, have no interest in wrestling. According to Lesnar, he introduced them to wrestling at a young age, but they did not take to it. Instead, they prefer playing hockey. Lesnar joked that it was a relief for him, as he has had enough of spending time in wrestling rooms and is now enjoying spending time in ice rinks.

“I tried to take them to wrestling and it just wasn’t their thing. They were like five and six and I brought these little singlets out. They were like, ‘What is that? Slingshots?’ They’re hockey players. Honestly, for me it’s great because I don’t think I could have spent another 20 years in a wrestling room. Now I’m in ice rinks. It’s different and fun, but I’m enjoying it.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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