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UFC Legend Talks Curt Hennig putting a pill in his drink


UFC Hall Of Famer Don Frye recently appeared on Submission Radio and during the show, he revealed an interesting story about WWE Legend Curt Hennig putting a pill in his drink.

According to Frye, they were used to pulling pranks on each other and once, during a tour of Japan Curt put a pill in his drink causing him to miss a whole day:

“Oh man, we got on the airplane in LA, Curt and Brad and I, and Curt bombed my drink. And I was out. And all the way, for a whole second day in Japan I don’t remember. I don’t remember the flight, I don’t remember landing. I was out. I missed the whole day. So I remember he bombed me a heavier drink and came back around and kept doing it a couple of times. Yeah, he just dropped a pill in it.”

Though not being behind, the UFC Legend also got back on Hennig by pulling a prank of his own and filling his wrestling boots with cream cheese:

“I got him back when we were in Brad’s gym. I filled his wrestling boots full of cream cheese. And Brian and I ran the ropes, working out. Curt pulled his foot out and shook his head and gave me a dirty look. He tried to get even, he thought he put it back in my boots but he put it in Brian’s boots. So I got him and I got Brian.”

  • CC

    If this is the sort of stuff they used to do to each other and don’t care, why should you?
    Everyone has different limits to what is and isnt a joke.

    Plus where is the assault? Did he get molested? Did he get beaten?

  • Will Henderson

    it’s a crime, but it’s not a assault of the sexual kind, just a good old fashion roofie in the drink.

    there’s a line between pranks and crime, and this is in between, but i think crossing the line would be any JBL prank done to talent.

  • Thomas Murray

    NOT according to the person on the end of it so take ur PC BS elsewhere

  • pitfallharry219

    That’s not a prank. That’s assault.