UFC Male Star Attacks Ronda Rousey In Video

UFC fighter Sean Strickland recently spoke critically of UFC Hall of Famer Ronda Rousey. He is seemingly not a fan of Rousey, perhaps hates the former UFC champion for claiming to have had suicidal thoughts following her loss to Holly Holm.



Sean Strickland shares his honest thoughts on Ronda Rousey

Rousey claimed to have felt suicidal and snapped out of it after looking at her partner Travis Browne as she felt the need to have babies with him. Strickland slammed ‘Rowdy’ for using the delicate issue of suicide to project herself as someone who’s overcome that. The 31-year-old said on his Instagram video:

Suicidal thoughts, for the people who have it, it’s even f***ing worse. You fixate on it, you dwell on it. You start thinking about how you’re gonna do it. You start thinking about where you’re gonna do it. You start think about how you’re people are gonna take it. You really fantasize about it and it’s f***ing miserable.”

The top-ranked middleweight added:

“It’s not a fleeting thought because you lost a fight. And I hate Ronda Rousey because she used something so f***ed up and serious as a ‘But I overcame it’ strong moment. Which it’s f***ing not.”

It was at WWE Extreme Rules Premium Live Event that ‘The Rowdy One’ emerged victorious against her arch-nemesis Liv Morgan in a singles match, thus becoming the new SmackDown Women’s Champion in the process. Rousey lost the SmackDown Women’s Championship to Morgan at the Money in the Bank premium live event this year in July, after the latter cashed in on her MITB briefcase.

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