UFC Octagon Girl Speaks on Her Release, Claims She Had Food Poisoning

– Former Octagon Girl Edith Labelle recently spoke with MMA Fanhouse about her recent release from the UFC. Here is what she had to say…



“After the UFC Expo and weigh-ins (at UFC 100), I went to dinner. Then I attended some of the pre-parties with some of the UFC management, some of the octagon girls, some of the fighters. And then I started to feel ill. I wasn’t feeling good, so I decided to go to bed. I really wanted to be in good shape for the next day, obviously. Then I started to feel worse throughout the night and the next day.”

Labelle claims food poisoning, but she did not contact a doctor. When she contacted UFC officials, she was told to stay in her hotel room. She was shortly released from the company after UFC 100. While the UFC never officially commented on the release, rumors have gone around that Labelle was suffering from a hangover after a night of hard partying. Labelle answered those accusations…

“That’s not true. I was not hung over. I was really sick. That’s why I left the pre-party because I was really sick. … I truly believe it was food poisoning.”

And how does she feel about missing the event and the company as a whole?

“I felt like I was letting them down because it was such a big event, but it was out of my control. I also felt like I was with them for a year and a half, and of course, nothing like that every happened before. … I was really sick, so of course I felt a little sad. I wish it would have happened differently, but I’m still a huge fan of the UFC.”

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