UFC Star Makes Offensive Chris Benoit Remark

American submission grappling promoter, mixed martial arts analyst, and retired UFC star Chael Sonnen recently took to social media via Twitter to answer a fan who asked him his thoughts on who was going to win this year’s men’s and women’s Royal Rumble matches. Brock Lesnar ‘canceled’ match with Chris Benoit



“Yo @ChaelSonnen who’s your pick to win the Men’s and Women’s #RoyalRumble match?”

The former UFC light heavyweight and middleweight then answered that fan’s question by taking everyone back by answering the disgraced and deceased former WWE wrestler Chris Benoit. Benoit a former world champion in multiple organizations tragically murdered his wife and his son before taking his own life in 2007. An AEW star feels ‘guilty’ after the Chris Benoit tragedy

In other news regarding the maligned Benoit, Keeping in 100 host and former WCW superstar Konnan discussed his relationship with Benoit during a recent edition of SK Wrestling’s UnSKripted. The WCW legend said the following. Thanks to SportsKeeda for the following transcription.

“Well, I knew Benoit from very early on in my career from Canada, then I met him in Mexico and then I met him in WCW. So I’d known him a very long time. You know, when you were wrestling Benoit it was a war. I remember going to New Japan and bro, we literally beat the stuffing out of each other, like Japan style – slaps to the face, German suplex off the third, I mean we just beat each other up. The next day, whatever city we were in, I was like we might want to do 50% of that. He goes, ‘oh no, we’re going to have the exact same match’. I went like ‘oh my god’. And you had to have it cause if not, he was going to make you have it. I got along with Benoit. I did consider him a friend.” Chris Benoit ‘ruined’ Vince McMahon brother debut.

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