UFC Star Reveals Logan Paul Drug Use In Video

Chael Sonnen claimed in a YouTube video that Logan Paul shot steroids ‘up his ass’ before his fight with Floyd Mayweather in a new YouTube video you can view below, though it is a totally baseless and untrue claim. Logan Paul has never said he used steroids, and the only drug he’s said he has a problem with is marijuana.



The rumor mill is churning that UFC star Jon Jones will fight Stipe Miocic for the UFC heavyweight title in his first fight back. ‘Bones’ has been away from the UFC octagon since February 2020. Chael Sonnen believes Jones made a bad business decision by accepting a possible Stipe Miocic fight 17 months after it was originally offered to him. Sonnen believes the matchup will happen, but said Jones had waited too long to accept an offer that was available to him 17 months ago. It was previously speculated that Jon Jones was banned from UFC 270.

Chael Sonnen opens up on the deal of Jon Jones

During an episode of his YouTube show, Sonnen stated that Jones is ‘out $12 million’:

“Jon Jones is going to fight Stipe [Miocic]. They’re going to fight for the belt. Jon is going to make a whole bunch of money, they’re going to do it in the heavyweight class. All of those things I just said were also true the first time 17 months ago. We are still gonna get what we wanted. We want to see Jon fight Stipe. We waited 17 months, we still got what we wanted. [But] he is out $12 million.”

‘The American Gangster’ also reckoned that it’s illogical that Jones appears to be excited about fighting Miocic now, considering the matchup has always been on the table. Here is what Sonnen added:

“The very same thing that Jon has been smiling, shaking hands, and saying thank you for, he was offered 16, 17, 18 months ago. Sixteen, 17, 18 months ago to do the same thing while you’re still in shape. You’re ready to go, you’re saying senses are there, you haven’t taken time off, you’re still with your team.”

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