UFC Star Wants To Fight Ben Affleck In Video

UFC star Kevin Holland recently revealed the list of celebrities he would love to fight with. In a short clip posted to the ESPN MMA YouTube channel, Holland was asked to name three such names.



Kevin Holland names three Hollywood stars

‘Trailblazer’ responded to the interesting question by suggesting he’d like to fight Chris Hemsworth, who plays ‘Thor’ in Hollywood’s Marvel Cinematic Universe. Holland also indicated that he’d like to fight the actor who plays the role of ‘Batman.’ Intriguingly, there were three actors whose images and names were displayed on-screen in the video – Christian Bale, Ben Affleck, and Robert Pattinson. All three actors have played the role of ‘Batman’ in modern cinema.

Holland went on to state that he’d like to fight former NFL superstar Rob Gronkowski:

“The guy who plays ‘Thor,’ the guy who plays ‘Batman,’ and that big, old, mother-jumper over there, ‘Gronk.’”

Holland is currently on a two-fight win streak and has been eyeing to secure fights against Stephen Thompson, Nate Diaz, or Sean Brady. In a recent interview with MMA Junkie, Kevin Holland called for a fight against Sean Brady, despite the latter being a tough stylistic matchup for a striking specialist like him. Alternatively, he reiterated that he’d love to fight ‘Wonderboy’ or Diaz:

“He’s top of the list [Thompson] because he’s the one who said my name most recently after a dub. My choice, honestly, everybody thinks I would probably choose Diaz, right? I’d love Diaz. I’d love those guys because they are veterans, and they’re dogs, but realistically, I love that Sean Brady fight.”

We will have to wait and see what is next for him.

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