UFC Vegas 31 Doctor ‘Insane’ Remark Leaks

Safety is normally the number one concern in every major sport and the UFC is no exception. However an incident during tonight’s UFC Fight Night on ESPN took this a whole other level as during the Gabriel Benitez vs Billy Quarantillo fight – Benitez was peppered with several hits to the face, which lead to swelling under his left eye. This UFC Fight Night co-headliner’s photo ‘stunned’ UFC fans



This occurred during round two of the fight which was temporarily stopped for a doctor to come look in at the damage, where the doctor would ask if Benitez: “had a headache’ in a moment that was heavily criticized by both the announcers and on social media. Benitez would insist that he could continue on in the fight, however would lose via KO in the very next round.

On Twitter, one combat sports fan by the name of Saddam Hugegain stated: “cannot believe the UFC doctor just asked Gabriel Benitez if he ‘has a headache’ after absorbing like 30 head strikes nah am sure he is sound fella” While another fan put: “Just watched a doctor during a ufc fight ask a fighter if he has a headache….” Lastly, one more fan would say: “Do you have a headache?” – UFC Doctor checking if the fighter is okay lmao wtf”


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