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At UFC Vegas 69, ex-UFC strawweight champion Jessica Andrade faced off against up-and-coming flyweight contender Erin Blanchfield. Blanchfield’s impressive performance spoke volumes, as she managed to secure a second-round rear-naked choke submission to finish off Andrade, who is also known as ‘Bate Estaca’.



During an interview with Ag Fight after her loss to Erin Blanchfield, Jessica Andrade made a surprising admission, revealing that her wardrobe malfunction may have played a part in her defeat. While she acknowledged that the incident was not an excuse for her loss, Andrade explained how she was distracted when Blanchfield attempted a takedown. As Blanchfield moved in, her shoulder slipped under Andrade’s top, causing her breast to become exposed. This unexpected incident caused Andrade to momentarily lose focus and forget to defend against Blanchfield’s takedown attempt.

This is not an excuse, but when she came for the takedown, I lost focus. Because when she moved in, she put her shoulder just under my top and my breast completely slipped out. I lost focus and forgot to counter… All I could think of was my breast. When I used my hand to put my breast back in the top, that’s when she was able to take me down. It’s all part of the game, though. It’s not an excuse.”

Andrade, however, commended her opponent’s gameplan and stated that it wasn’t intentional on Blanchfield’s part:

“She really had a great game plan. It wasn’t on purpose. We have to be ready for everything. I should’ve been prepared to let my breast be out if it slipped out. It has been shown in so many places before. I shouldn’t even be worried about that,”