Undertaker Appearance Buried By Ex-WWE Diva

WWE legend The Undertaker was slated to be at WWE Crown Jewel but he did not make an appearance at the show. But he was in Saudi Arabia as he showed up at a Pitbull concert. But it seems former WWE interviewer Renee Paquette wasn’t a big fan of that appearance from ‘The Deadman.’ Vince McMahon Insulted Renee Young For Bad Reason



Renee Paquette opens up on The Undertaker appearance

Renee Paquette wasn’t a fan of the Undertaker’s appearance at the Pitbull concert that helped kick off the 2021 Riyadh Season festival. In speaking with Busted Open Radio, she gave her thoughts on the appearance.

Here is some of what she said:

“I just feel it should’ve been somebody else introducing him…I feel like seeing the Undertaker, in the big black hat, in full Undertaker gear, introducing ‘the 305, the Grammy Award Winning artist.’ Bringing on Pitbull that way, I feel it could’ve been somebody else. I don’t know what the full crew is that is in Saudi Arabia right now, but I feel like maybe somebody else could’ve been better for that job…

Not that Undertaker did a bad job, that’s not what I’m saying. I feel like it could’ve just been a great, happy go lucky babyface. Maybe, I don’t know, who from the New Day is there? That’s what we want. That’s how you want to involve Pitbull in the show in Saudi Arabia…

I love the Undertaker as much as everybody else. Huge fan…But did we already kind of start to lose a little bit of that mystique with the retired, not retired, he’s back in the ring and we’re seeing him in these unfavorable situations. Have we already done that? It needs to stop, I think it needs to stop. We all have little goldfish brains; we can forget things and we want to remember The Undertaker as The Undertaker…

“I think we can all get back to that to a certain degree. If you keep doing these things, it’s kind of hard to get back to that. I don’t want to believe that the Undertaker knows who Pitbull is. The Undertaker introducing Megadeath or Slayer or Metallica, I can get on board with that. It is just the position of different genres that I’m just not down to clown with. I don’t like it.”


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