Undertaker Backstage Meltdown After Match Leaks

The former WWE writer Vince Russo recently recalled the time when the legend The Undertaker threw a chair across the room backstage after Bret Hart’s controversial WWE Championship match at WWE Survivor Series 1997 when he faced a defeat against Shawn Michaels in Montreal.



WCW-bound Hart thought he was going to retain the title but WWE Chairman Vince McMahon had other plans who changed the finish before the show and booked Michaels to win the title in order to prevent ‘The Hitman’ from leaving with the title. This is one of the darkest chapters in pro-wrestling history known as the ‘Montreal Screwjob’. Becky Lynch Reveals What Nia Jax Did To Her

Vince Russo reveals Undertaker’s angry reaction backstage

Speaking to Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Dr. Chris Featherstone, Russo explained that he suggested the finish to McMahon several days before the pay-per-view. The former WWE writer also commented on The Undertaker’s furious reaction after the incident:

“Now, bro, I wanna make one thing perfectly clear. Between when I said that to Vince and the Survivor Series, two, three, four other people could have pitched the same thing. I don’t know, I wasn’t privy to any of that… Bro, ‘Taker gets up, throws a freaking chair across the room, and I’m like, ‘Holy s***.’ Now, bro, keep in mind, I’m traveling with Vince, so I ain’t going nowhere,” Russo said.

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