Undertaker Beat Up WWE Star In Hotel Room

During the flourishing years of the wrestling scene in the 1990s, the celebrated figure known as The Undertaker, whose actual name was Mark Calaway, established profound connections within the industry. Among his close companions was Henry O. Godwinn, an integral part of the backstage Bone Street Krew (BSK) group, a cadre of notable wrestling personalities. Recounting a memorable encounter, Godwinn recently reminisced about an impromptu tussle with The Deadman that transpired within the confines of a hotel room.



The BSK, comprising luminaries such as Crush, The Godfather, Mideon, Mr. Fuji, Paul Bearer, Rikishi, Savio Vega, The Undertaker, and Yokozuna, fostered a camaraderie that extended beyond the spotlight of the wrestling ring. Despite their lack of a formal on-screen collaboration, the group nurtured a tight-knit bond that was palpable behind the curtains of the wrestling world.

In a candid revelation during an episode of Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw, Godwinn animatedly disclosed the playful altercation that erupted between him and the revered WWE Hall of Famer during their stay at a hotel. He vividly described the scene, reminiscing:

“We pounced on him, completely ransacked his room. We thought we were in the clear, returning to our own room, only to find him storming in. The lamps were overturned, with a coffee pot and a hairdryer adding to the chaos. It was absolute mayhem. He certainly taught us a lesson!”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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