Undertaker & Big E WWE Return Bombshells Leak

The Undertaker, one of the most legendary professional wrestlers of all time, has finally accepted his place in the WWE Hall of Fame over a year after his final match. That match, known as the Boneyard Match, will go down as his swansong, whether it was cinematic or not. The Deadman has made it abundantly clear that he is retired from competition, and that message has resonated throughout the world of WWE.



Although cinematic matches may require less physicality, they are not without their risks. Even a match filmed with multiple takes and ultimate safety in mind can include unpredictable moments. Nonetheless, The Deadman is unequivocally finished with his days as a competitor.

Ringside News conducted an investigation into any possible plans for The Undertaker’s return to the ring. As fans eagerly anticipated his hopeful return, it seemed logical that there might be an idea in the works. Unfortunately, the answer received was not one that fans would necessarily rejoice over, but it was not entirely surprising.

A trusted member of the WWE creative team confirmed that there were no plans, nor were there ever any plans, for The Undertaker to wrestle again after his Boneyard Match against AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36. The Deadman rode off into the night following that Boneyard Match, and he has not competed since. It was a fitting end to a career shrouded in mystique and cryptic imagery. Although he will never wrestle again, he certainly left everything he had in the ring for decades.

The American Badass persona, one of the Undertaker’s gimmicks, has hinted at a return. This was the character he portrayed when he whispered a secret message into Bray Wyatt’s ear at RAW 30. However, there are currently no creative plans for Mark Calaway’s legendary persona. Fans may continue to hold out hope for the return of The Undertaker, but it appears that his days as a wrestler are truly over.

Big E, a former WWE Champion and member of the popular tag team The New Day, suffered a devastating injury when a released German suplex went wrong, causing him to break his neck. This injury put a halt to his wrestling career, and he has not been able to compete since. While fans eagerly await his return, it seems that they will have to continue to wait.

Despite not requiring surgery for his injury, Big E has not been able to wrestle. He was seen working out in the gym in the weeks following his broken neck, but his determination and spirit remained unbroken.

Recently, there has been speculation about WWE brainstorming ideas for Big E’s return to the ring. WRKD Wrestling reported that a long-term backstage pitch involved Xavier Woods and a fully healed Big E and Kofi Kingston feuding with Imperium once The New Day was ready to return. Several media outlets picked up the story, but Ringside News reached out to confirm its legitimacy.

Unfortunately, a tenured member of the WWE creative team informed us that the writing team has not been officially informed of Big E’s return, let alone any plans for his reunion with The New Day. Therefore, the reported pitched idea is not legitimate.

Fans can only hope that WWE has a plan for Big E if he is able to wrestle again. In the meantime, the company has been able to keep him busy with traveling and making WWE tryouts. It remains to be seen what WWE will have in store for Big E along the way.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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