Undertaker ‘Blocked’ WWE Hiring Due To Romance

Bill Dundee has claimed his heat with The Undertaker is the reason WWE never hired him, and now he’s telling Sportskeeda that he and Undertaker dated the same woman before Taker joined WWE. Shawn Michaels revealed how he and Undertaker knew they were past their physical prime in an interview yesterday.



“I didn’t know what was wrong with Big Mark. I just tried to help just like everybody else did, but here is the thing for all you guys out there. If two guys get involved with the same girl, it never works that good. I knew this young lady, and he knew her and I think he ended up marrying. Anyway, I don’t know, I don’t give a f*** with it. So, that was that.”

Booker T recently discussed Undertaker calling the WWE locker room today ‘soft’ on his Hall of Fame podcast.

You walk in the locker room today and it’s going to be totally different than it was back then. You say, perhaps for the better, and in a lot of ways, I think so as well, but, the soft comment that The Undertaker said.

I need guys to understand when going out and making the fans feel a certain way, I think that’s what The Undertaker was talking about. For 30 years, The Undertaker made you feel a certain way.

The feel of The Undertaker wasn’t just his in-ring persona. We have believed in The Undertaker. That’s why we as the boys look at The Undertaker a certain way. We have believed in him for 30 years because he went out there and performed a certain way and he believed in, there again the character. As far as the business goes, keep our secrets under wraps and I think that’s what The Undertaker was talking about.” WrestlingNews.co transcribed Booker’s comments.

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