Undertaker Direct Message To Bray Wyatt Leaks

Bray Wyatt was released by WWE on July 31st last year and since then the former WWE Superstar has already teased what he might do next. From what it seems, it once seemed he would be making his way to AEW far earlier than expected, as WWE may have let him have a shorter noncompete. Wyatt also appeared on March 13th, at the Showcase of Legends 7 event in Albany, New York. Braun Strowman was released last year as well.



He finally returned during WWE Extreme Rules as well, as fans simply lost their minds. He continues to cut eerie promos even now. Bray Wyatt’s return to the company at Extreme Rules was preceded by the characters of the Firefly Funhouse making an appearance in the audience.

A few weeks ago, The Undertaker made a surprise appearance on the 30th anniversary of Monday Night RAW to confront LA Knight. He then teamed up with Bray Wyatt to take down the former leader of Maximum Male Models. As they left the ring, The Undertaker whispered something to Wyatt, sparking widespread speculation among fans about the nature of their conversation. Since then, many have been speculating about what The American Badass might have told The Eater of Worlds.

In a recent interview with SportsNet, The Undertaker spoke about his moment with Wyatt on RAW XXX.

“[A lot of fans are interested in what you whispered to Bray Wyatt] Yeah, no, they were very interested and I knew that they would be when I did it. That’s the moment that Bray and I shared, you know. There’s obviously a huge amount of comparisons between his character and mine. I think, you know, he’s his own guy. He’s his own character. I don’t think it’s fair to him to compare what he does to what I did. In the big scheme of things, obviously it’s in the same, you know. It’s kind of in that same supernatural. I don’t know what genre. But it’s 2023, and he’s doing his own thing but, you know, I can appreciate, I can see what he’s trying to do,” Taker said. [15:20 – 16:13]
The Deadman also disclosed what he whispered in the ear of the former Universal Champion.

“I just let him know too that, you know, my phone’s always on and if he needs to talk to me about things or run things by me, that’s cool. I would be more than glad to share my experiences with him and hopefully shine some light on maybe questions that he has moving forward. So, yeah, it was a cool moment, and it did exactly what I thought it would do,

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