Undertaker Got Female WWE Star To Quit

The former inaugural WWE Divas Champion Michelle McCool recently revealed that it was quite miserable for her when her accomplishments were credited to the WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker.



Michelle McCool said dating The Undertaker led to her departure from WWE

Michelle McCool was recently a guest on The Wives of Wrestling Podcast to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about dating The Undertaker during the divas’ era of WWE, McCool was open and honest about how difficult that was. She said:

“When we started dating, we did hide it. Like, I don’t want this to be a thing. He had a bus at the time. I literally would wait till the arena was empty until I got on the bus. I would still like — we would get there hours early just so I could get out early and go to the locker room.

So I hid it for a long time, knowing how a lot of people would react, and then it came out, and yeah. I mean, it’s still not fun because literally, I’m just considered a channel to The Undertaker. Undertaker’s wife, which obviously I love him to death, but it’s pretty rough. “

Michelle McCool went out to reveal that she didn’t appreciate the fact that it got to a point where anything she accomplished was credited to her dating The Phenom. The situation made her miserable and eventually led to her departing the company in 2011:

“It’s just stupid,” Michelle McCool continued. “But it did start making it miserable because anything I did was because I dated The Undertaker, and I’m like if y’all knew some of the girls dating some people around here. I’m actually dating this guy. Yeah, I’m like, Good lord. So it really led to me being kind of miserable back there and eventually leaving.”

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