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Undertaker Injury Update, Whatever Happened To Mr Hughes?, Kofi Kingston

Miami Herald writer Scott Fishman filmed footage of former WWE talent Kevin Nash, Angela Fong and Lilian Garcia participating in a Q&A session with fans at yesterday’s Miami Comic Con. Nash notably says The Undertaker told him he waited so long to undergo surgery on his torn rotator cuff that it could not be completely healed.


— Former WWE star Mr. Hughes joins Rich Baker this week on the For The Love of Wrestling podcast. He discusses his wrestling academy in Georgia, transitioning from a wrestler to a trainer, working for World Championship Wrestling, how he landed a job with World Wrestling Entertainment, his feud with The Undertaker, and more. (Listen Here)

— Kofi Kingston is advertised for an appearance on Thursday, March 10 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Kmart located on 2915 N Dale Mabry Hwy. Tampa, Florida. For more information, call 813-879-7600.

  • Automattic

    @keylo I was meaning to say that a lot of other guys would probably be worried about taking time off, especially the mid-card guys. Taker has built a heck of a reputation for himself, WWE won’t fire or replace him no matter how much time he misses.

  • Slack

    I’ve seen quite a few of the students from WWA4, that’s the school/organization that Hughes is the trainer for, and there are alot of talented wrestlers that come out of there. AR Fox who wrestled at CZW a few times and got rave reviews went to school there and still wrestles there. Jimmy Wang Yang also trained there also.

  • David

    Right after Michaels/Taker 2, Taker should have taken the entire year off, had all his surgeries and what not, and came back for WM27 completely fresh.

    I could live with only seeing him for the 4-5 weeks leading up to WM and the event itself.

  • Me

    Good Luck To You Nick.

  • keylo

    @ at the above I dont think Taker waiting had anything to do with losing his spot after all, since he joined WWE he has being injury for at least 2 months of every year since 91 and sometimes even longer than 5/6months.

  • Automattic

    As much as I love seeing Taker perform, he should’ve underwent surgery long ago. It’s a shame that these guys wait so long, and Taker shows that guys can be altered for life by waiting. Of course, so many are worried about losing their spots (and some mid-carders do, admittingly) that they feel taking a break simply isn’t an option.

  • TomC

    Good luck to you, Nick. A buddy of mine went to Shawn Michael’s Wrestling Academy in Texas about eight years ago. He had some moderate independent success (and fun), but he’s not doing it any more.

  • Nick

    i am currently going to the wrestling school in atlanta that hughes teaches at and i will soon be in wwe heath slater went there and so did aj styles.

  • RPM

    3chairs and 2 microphones, quality event.

  • TomC

    My question EXACTLY

  • Red Rooster Fan Club

    Why is Nash listed as “former” WWE talent?