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Undertaker not wrestling at WrestleMania?


For months it has been rumored that the Undertaker will be competing in a match with John Cena and many expected him to show up somewhere in the Road To WrestleMania.

However, when the Dead Man did not appear at Raw or SmackDown this week fans were left wondering what the company is actually cooking and many questioned if this match will even happen.

Now Mike Johnson of Pwinsider has revealed that while the Undertaker will appear on the show, he is apparently not scheduled to wrestle at the event.

Johnson revealed this news during the latest episode of Pwinsider Elite Audio and went on to speculate that Taker will have a faceoff with Cena, which will build something for the future:

“I guess Undertaker is going to surprise us at WrestleMania. I am told by people in the company, No one has told me he’s scheduled to wrestle but they have told me he’s scheduled to be at Mania, So maybe he’s going to have a face-off with Cena and they are going to use that face-off to build to something else. I don’t know”

It would be really bizarre if the Undertaker ends up not wrestling at WrestleMania after weeks of apparent buildup towards a match but it’s WWE and nothing is impossible.

We’ll keep you posted if the story develops any further.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    Only way I can see it is if they get a viable replacement for the Undertaker, someone who will actually step in the ring with Cena. A big surprise…?

  • Soulshroude

    A year in the making, same thing they did with Cena and the Rock. At least this time around, it might be less, I don’t know… boring?

  • MindTricked

    This is what my cousin and I are thinking, especially with Kid Rock *sighs* there for his HoF induction.

  • Arnold Jackson

    SummerSlam maybe?

  • Arnold Jackson

    I hope not

  • Mac

    Return of the AMERICAN BADASS maybe ?

  • CC

    I really cannot see them not having the match. Not only have they built it up through the Cena promos, but it would 100% leave Cena without a match at WM. And can you imagine WWE not shoe horning him in, because ya know, more people will watch if fruity pebbles is on the card (in their minds)

  • Will Henderson

    i think WWE maybe holding of Cena vs. Taker for WrestleMania 35 next year since this year’s card is already stacked.