Undertaker NXT Takeover Match Rumor Leaks

If you had ever dreamt of seeing The Undertaker Vs. ‘The Demon’ Finn Balor in a dream match either in WWE NXT or any other sector of WWE programming before ‘The Deadman’ retired then sadly it will have to stay nothing more than a piece of fantasy booking. Finn Balor was recently interviewed on the What’s The Story? podcast and during the show the host asked Balor about a potential showdown between the WWE icon. Balor stated the Undertaker dream match was nothing more than internet chatter. Credit to Fightful for the following quote. This top WWE name recently reacted to Undertaker ‘disrespecting’ the WWE roster.



In other news concerning the Undertaker, former WCW Tag Team Champion Bryan Clark was recently asked about his match his match with Brian Adams against The Undertaker and Kane at 2001’s Unforgiven pay-per-view event. Clark had the following comments and made them on Pro Wrestling Defined. Credit to SportsKeeda for the following transcript.

The Undertaker was ripped for ‘burying’ John Cena. We went there and I had a serious neck injury and again one of those times that I pushed through. They brought us in, we did an angle with Taker and Kane and we chokeslammed Taker through a table and Kane through a table to build all this up. The thing was, Kane had a really bad staph infection in his arm, Taker’s shoulder was hurt or something, me with my neck and I even think Brian had a back injury or something. Either way, they just wanted to rush this thing together and I remember they put Steven Richards with us as the manager. Nothing against him, super nice guy, a great guy but it just didn’t make any sense.

“I remember Brian teling me ‘This is not a good thing’ and I was like ‘I tried to tell you we should have gone to Japan’. It just didn’t work out. Because of the buyout, we had been off for a year and we needed some time, as far as getting the ring work back. I even suggested and said ‘Let us go on the road for a week and work some guys’ and they were like ‘we will just have you do tv matches’ and it just fell apart. I mean it wasn’t horrible but… parts of it were horrible. Again it goes to lack of planning and being able to forsee that this could really do something. Instead, let’s just rush it and that’s what happens when you rush things.”

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