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Undertaker removes WWE references from social media

Undertaker-Greatest Royal Rumble

The Undertaker has removed references of WWE from his social media profiles.

Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio noted that The Undertaker took down any and all references featuring WWE from his social media profiles, and added contact information for booking him.

Meltzer said that The Undertaker is not set to appear at the upcoming WrestleMania. No word on what the relationship between the company and superstar is right now though. We will keep you updated as more details emerge.

Undertaker’s Instagram bio as of this writing
Undertaker’s Twitter bio as of this writing

The Undertaker was last seen in WWE at the Crown Jewel event on 2 November 2018 in Saudi Arabia where he teamed up with Kane as The Brothers Of Destruction to take on D-Generation X in a losing effort.

The Undertaker’s last match at WrestleMania was at the 34th edition last year where defeated John Cena in a dominant showing, rolling through the 16-time World Champion in less than three minutes. It will be interesting to see where The Deadman goes from here.

  • Luke

    …outside bookings which he has never, ever taken or even hinted at being open to before. So yes, this is news. Undertaker potentially popping up on the indies is definitely news.

  • CC

    You either do not understand how this works, or are just a troll.

    I am sure the name “Eugene” has been around for years, but Nick Dinsmore cannot use it in that form because WWE own the character.

    Stop being an idiot.

  • StoneColdBeckyLynch

    I’m pretty sure WWE doesn’t own the word Undertaker. It’s been around quite a while ya know.

  • Eighth Sin

    Did the bad man hurt your feelings? Seriously, many use the term dirtsheet. And you guys work for clicks now. So you put out articles with little to no real info in them. And on many occasions, you use pics of big stars, on articles based on speculation. All in an attempt to generate more clicks. I get it. Its a business. But Id advise to toughen up buttercup. You wont be able to stand if youre gonna get butthurt everytime someone calls you on it.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Oh I know the Dirt sheet all to well and I can’t stand CM Punk. The dirt sheet are wrestling fans living in there mother basement can’t get a real job that sounds about right to you.

  • CC

    Except the fact WWE own the name Undertaker, so no, he has not removed all affiliation with WWE.

  • TRobinson8857

    He has a legends contract which allows him to take outside bookings, this is not news

  • Jeff Gibbs

    I notice that your favourite word is the word dirt sheet. I seriously doubt that you even know what the proper meaning of the expression is And is something you Heard CM punk use on a podcast !!

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    It not AEW with the tease it the Dirt sheet big difference. The dirt sheet don’t really have a big inside of the WWE because most wrestlers in the WWE don’t really knows what is going half the time.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I don’t really think Kenny Omega is a big of a star in the US as he was in Japan. Got to realize most Americans in the US don’t watch Pro Wrestling on Japan that much it why Luke Gallows and Anderson not big of a star in the US. I don’t think Kenny Omega will have a big of a impact in the US if he goes to AEW.

  • Rinn13

    Yeah, seriously. WWE owns the Undertaker character, and he’s super loyal to Vince, for better and worse. The dude is old, should have retired years ago (before he lost to Brock), and has bad back, bad knees, etc. He’s not gonna try to get “one last run” with some other company, at his age.

  • oppa

    Since he was rumored to be the headliner of the Hall of Fame this year, he could be doing this and replacing things with a Hall of Fame icon instead.

  • oppa

    Doubt it’s Taker. Besides, WWE owns the rights to the Undertaker gimmick, so he would have to create something totally new if he went there. The huge star is more than likely Kenny Omega as he should be free now.

  • Jamie Carter

    AEW are teasing that they have just signed a. HUGE star and with taker removal all wwe affiliation from his social media then the signs are that it’s him. If taker shows up at AEW I’m marking out hard 🙂