Undertaker Reveals Sad Truth About Daughter

The Undertaker is truly in the world of professional wrestling as he gave more than thirty years of his life to the business. He ended his career at the WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view back in 2020, bringing an end to his legacy. The Undertaker also terrified a WWE Superstar before he got fired by the company. 



The Undertaker has been married to former WWE Superstar and former WWE Divas & Women’s Champion Michelle McCool for eleven years now and fans were surprised when the two tied the knot back in 2010. Now it seems the two are celebrating their 12th year together and it is certainly a joyous occasion.

The Phenom has worked with the top pro wrestlers in the history of the business throughout the years and has had great matches with many of them.

In a recent interview with SportsNet, The Undertaker disclosed if he has any regrets.

“No, there’s a lot of things that I did and that happened that I wish were different but at this point I can’t have any regrets because everything happened for a reason, put me in a position one way or another to adjust and move forward. So, I have to look at things like that. I can’t sit back and with like, ‘man, I wish I’d have this or I wish I’d have done that,'” he said. [12:14 – 12:38]
However, The Deadman revealed that he wishes he had spent more time with his children.

“You know, I wish I had spent more time with my children but there’s no way to really, at least in my mind I was convinced that there was no way to have this career and do all these things and be invested as a father. Now, I learned later on that I could and, you know, I’ll not get that time back. But I can’t look back and say, ‘wow, I really regret this or I regret that.’ I always tried to use the mistakes, which I made many of, I always tried to use those as a learning tool and not make the same mistakes twice. And that’s the way I have to look at things.


Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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