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The Undertaker reportedly spotted heading to New York

The Dead Man Undertaker was reportedly spotted heading to New York yesterday and it has started heavy rumours of the Phenom returning to WWE for an appearance at SummerSlam.

These rumours started after a fan posted a photo of The WWE Star from an airport of Texas, the state where Taker resides. He was allegedly boarding a flight headed to NYC as seen below:

While this photo is yet to be confirmed, a rumour of Taker returning is too big to be held off and several big sites have reported this story.

Since then speculations are running rampant about what role The Dead Man will possibly play at the PPV with the most likely scenario being that he costs Roman Reigns the Universal title to set up a rematch between the two.

The Undertaker last appeared on WWE Programming at WrestleMania 33 where he was defeated in a match by Roman Reigns. After the bout, he left his gear in the ring and since then it has been speculated that the former World Champion has retired from pro wrestling

  • Roman

    And so are u if u think insulting anyone is necessary in the comments section.

  • Brad Grillakis

    Let him come back, if he going to come back, and eliminate Reigns at the Royal Rumble so he can claim his yard again, rematch at Mania and then retire.

    My favorite WWF wrestler.

  • Darrin Tyler

    Wow u people are morons if u think he’s coming back just because he’s boarding a plane.

  • CC

    If he shows up, will it be to screw Reigns out of a win?
    Of course it could just be the fact its Summerslam and he wants to be there backstage.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Good, while i know no one can go on forever nor do i want him to turn into a ric flair, i woild like to see him go out on a high rather than that crappy Mania against Reigns

  • M

    Nothing will beat the reception at Mania 33 and Raw the following night. Hopefully he’s done in the ring and he’s the first inductee announced at next years HOF.