Undertaker ‘Teaming’ With Fired WWE Star Leaks

Undertaker has been a loner for most of his career. Of course, you have your storyline with Kane being his kayfabe brother and forming the Brothers Of Destruction, and Undertaker being tagged with only a few other superstars past that, but it seems WWE wanted to possibly try to drive The Deadman in a new direction…Vince McMahon ‘Cancels’ Smackdown Title Change.



Aleister Black was recently released from WWE. In a statement, Black said that the release was ‘totally from left field’ for him as he had no clue of what was to come for him on the day of his firing. Black recently took to Twitch to speak to his fans about his life within the four corners of a WWE ring. He opened up about some lost storylines and characters that were lined up for him.

Let’s take a step back to Black as The Dark Father. The Dark Father was a character that was praised by those in the company including Vince. The Dark Father was very brooding and self-loathing and also a heel. Many compared him to Joseph Seed from Far Cry based on the resemblance Black and he shared. It should be noted that Xavier Woods made the comparison solely from the glassed that adorned Black. Black noted in his stream that the glasses were his own, and The Dark Father was not based on Seed. Seed, however, then was thrown into the mix as the gimmick moved forward.

One thing that was pitched was Aleister Black would help Taker and attack the Good Brothers as we would be seeing the duo tag up together. On top of this, Aleister and Kevin Owens was also pitched to defeat Seth and Buddy for the Raw tag titles as well. With Black’s dark character, a mask was also pitched his way which would feature horns/skull themes due to his cult worshipping nature and death.

Black rounded out his Twitch stream by stating that being thrown off of a tower at Money In The Bank was ‘funny’ to him. He also gave huge praise to Will Ospreay as he noted that Will is a ‘machine’.

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