Undertaker Thinks WWE Female Star Is ‘Big Idiot’

Gigi Dolin has made a name for herself on the White and Gold brand of the WWE. The former member of ‘Toxic Attraction’ has shared a story that would tell you that even the strangest of conversations are the best.



While appearing on Drinks with Johnny, Gigi Dolin recalled her experience where she ran into The Undertaker during a Special Olympics event.

The former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion recalled how she went dumbfounded during her interaction with The Deadman. Gigi remembered that The Deadman met her at the performance center next day, and she was talking dumb which would have made Taker think that she is an idiot.

So, Undertaker’s mine and my brother’s favorite wrestler of all-time, we love him to death. Even my dad’s favorite wrestler.

First time I get to meet The Undertaker, I was at a — where were we at? I think we were at a Special Olympics event, and we were up in a little suite area just by ourselves and I went up to meet this man and I just started bawling my eyes out, and I couldn’t get words out, and they’re just trying to explain to him that he’s my favorite wrestler, and I’m just sobbing.

Yeah, that was my first for The Undertaker and then the next day, he saw me at the Performance Center and tried to come up to me and create small talk with me, and then I continued to say something just dumb and awkward, and I’m pretty sure The Undertaker thinks I’m a big idiot now so, that’s my Undertaker story.

I don’t think so (I’ve not run into him since then). I think that was the last time I saw him. I’m pretty sure after I was crying, introducing myself to him, I’m pretty sure Shawn (Michaels) was in the corner laughing, because Shawn knew I was a huge fan of Undertaker, and I’m pretty sure he was laughing at me while I was sobbing and embarrassing myself, meeting The Undertaker.

It’s amazing to know that The Phenom has such an impact on the wrestlers. While he is not announced to appear on NXT, there was a particular Taker ‘Gong’ during a recent event which raises reasons that he may appear on NXT.

This week’s NXT goes head to head with AEW’s Title Tuesday. WWE has put their best foot forward by announcing various names for the show. According to Ringside News, these names include appearances by John Cena, Asuka, Paul Heyman, and Cody Rhodes.

The show looks packed and it would be interesting to have the legendary WWE Hall of Famer on the show. He hasn’t been seen in the WWE for a considerable time now.

Would you like to see The Undertaker on NXT? Sound off in the comments.

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