Undertaker ‘Turned Down’ Major WrestleMania Match

While WrestleMaina 23 may have seen Vince McMahon and Donald Trump battle it out in a legendary matchup of hair vs hair via Lashley and Umaga, The Undertaker completely did his thing by defeating Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship in a sight to see of complete athleticism from ‘The Dead Man,’ but it turns out he shot down a match with a newer star. Ex-WWE Superstar disagrees with The Undertaker’s controversial views on modern wrestlers.



As of late, it has been said that ‘The Animal’, Batista wasn’t actually the original guy for the job intended to be The Undertaker’s fall-guy on the display of the show of all shows. Batista & Brock Lesnar AEW ‘Negotiations’ Revealed.

In a new interview with Lucha Libre Online former WWE Superstar Elijah Burke has spoken up about the plans that would have taken place which was to put The Undertaker up against former MMA fighter, Sylvester Terkay. The plans for this were, of course, nixed and Batista was put into the match instead.

If you remember, Terkay had signed with WWE back in 2006 debuting on the main roster later that year. The former kickboxer went on to be in a tag team with Burke on ECW. Terkay was then released from WWE/ECW in January 2007.

“It’s crazy because, that WrestleMania [23], the whole plan was for Sylvester Terkay and The Undertaker… and I had no problem with it. Young Elijah Burke riding the coattails of Sylvester Terkay to go against The Undertaker.
They brought Sylvester Terkay in specifically because Undertaker was, and is, a huge MMA guy. Undertaker loved the physicalness, the legitness of MMA. He loved to bray that type of wherewithal and create that type of magic inside the wrestling ring.”

“Certainly standing out there at WrestleMania, had it been Sylverster Terkay and The Undertaker I wouldn’t have minded taking a big boot off the apron or a chokeslam.” said Burke.

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