Undertaker Was Quitting WWE For Top Company?

The Undertaker is a name in the wrestling business that is almost or rather in the Mount Rushmore of professional wrestling. The ‘Mean Mark’ left WCW after working for it from 1989 to 1990 as a WCW promotion after then-booker Ole Anderson thought Mark would never draw money in the business.



During an appearance on Monte & The Pharaoh, Henry O. Godwinn of the Bone Street Krew (BSK) spoke about Taker and Mideon pointed out that Taker never wanted to join WCW. Henry smiled at this and disagreed with his comments respectfully, saying Undertaker once asked about going to WCW, and said they’d go as a group.

A nice shot of Henry O. Godwinn, Undertaker, a shined-up Bret Hart, Scott Hall behind him holding a poker hand, and Phineas Godwinn (Mideon) at the back of the WWF tour bus, circa 1996!

Henry O. Godwinn and Mideon worked with WCW but were unfairly treated there, so they switched places and became an integral part of the WWE (then WWF). They remained loyal to the WWE till their last working time and put on a show unlike any other.

Both,” Godwinn said when asked if Vince McMahon is a genius or an a**hole. “But we like him. Look at the opportunity he gave us. We didn’t get that in WCW. We got used and abused down there. Even Arn [WCW legend Arn Anderson] said, ‘You guys are too good at putting everybody over.’ When we got together up there [in WWE], we had an opportunity to do our thing finally.”

They worked way well as they would be able to put others over, which is integral to being a professional wrestler. Godwinn and Mideon have been an integral part of the BSK group and they continue to enjoy their time outside of wrestling these days.


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