Undertaker ‘Weight Gain’ Photos At WrestleMania Leak

The Undertaker has admitted he gained weight and was out of shape for his match with Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33. You can view photos below. Roman Reigns WrestleMania 39 Match Leaks?



He told the Victory Over Injury Podcast, “It was disappointing to me, and I knew in January when I was in the (Royal) Rumble. You could tell I was overweight, I was out of shape, but I knew what they wanted to do. It was important for me to pass the baton on or do what I could for Roman, who’s the next generation. It was just a bad, bad deal. That was probably as honest a moment as you’ll ever see in wrestling. Me taking that hat and coat and putting it in the ring, because I knew at that point I was done.

I was so disappointed. Anything else I’d ever accomplished, I couldn’t think of that. I couldn’t think of WrestleMania 25, Houston with Shawn Michaels, all those thoughts were gone. It was, ‘You just stunk the joint out and you let a lot of people down.'”

He said about his John Cena match, “I was working with Cena, over in like four or five minutes. I was like, “You gotta be kidding me?!” Because I trained harder than I had ever… I train hard as it is, to get ready for Mania. But I had an extra, I had to be redeeming myself. If I’m gonna do this I’m gonna redeem myself to the point where that (WM 33) was just a flash and a bad memory. And then we go out in four minutes. Vince thought it was hilarious!”

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