Upcoming WWE Network show to discuss CM Punk’s departure, recent lawsuit against Dr. Chris Amann

It was a little surprising for people when CM Punk won the defamation lawsuit against WWE Doctor Chris Amann because it seemed like the legal team of the company did not help Amann in the case.



And now the company has taken another decision that is sure to become a talking point for the foreseeable future as they have allowed this controversial topic to be discussed in a show on their network.

WWE recently introduced a new podcast to the Network where former WWE creative Bruce Prichard has been talking openly about various things and giving some great insights on the backstage stuff.

Next week is the season finale of this podcast and it was revealed yesterday that the main topic of the episode will be the early career of the former WWE Champion CM Punk.

However what’s interesting is that the co-host Conrad Thompson revealed in an interview with Sports Illustrated that the show will touch Punk’s WWE departure and confirmed that the recent lawsuit between him and the WWE Doctor will also be discussed during the episode.

Now it’d be exciting to see if we get some real-life backstage stories from the time or the podcast ends up providing a censored version of the whole thing.

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