Update on Alberto Del Rio’s suspension

We noted before how GFW suspended Alberto Del Rio indefinitely when police started an investigation against him for domestic abuse charges following the infamous airport fight incident.



Though it was revealed recently that he is no longer a suspect in the incident and after this many believed that his suspension will be over soon too, but apparently it’s not the case.

In a recent conference call with GFW officials, Creative Consultant Dutch Mantel was asked about Del Rio’s status answering to which, Mantel revealed that he is still suspended.

Continuing on the topic, the GFW Officials said that they are doing an internal investigation on the whole incident and the company will release their statement once they are through it:

“We’re doing an internal review of it because it’s something we don’t take lightly, When that’s completed, we will release our findings.”

It’s worth noting that while the Officials are saying that they are reviewing the situation, the fact that Alberto Del Rio is no longer a suspect makes it easier for them to clear him and bring him back.

Since the company has recently lost a number of superstars including a former World Champion, they will not want to lose Del Rio too, so his return looks to be only a matter of time.

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