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Update on Austin Aries, requested WWE release, bad backstage attitude

Fans were super excited to have Austin Aries join NXT and he was thought of as a future champion. But now Austin Aries has already made his exit and he never captured one single championship during his tenure with WWE.

Instead of being covered in gold he was plastered with missed opportunities. He suffered an injury to his eye socket thanks to Shinsuke Nakamura because they don’t call him The King Of Strong Style for no reason. WWE was still able to feature Austin Aries on television as they seamlessly transitioned him into a commentator’s role calling Cruiserweight matches. Even though it would have been nice to see him in the ring his commentary was one of the best parts of having the cruiserweights on Raw.

When A Double first jumped back in the ring it was to go after Neville and his Cruiserweight Championship. Austin Aries kept coming up short every time he went for the purple rope show’s top title though. After three unsuccessful title attempts Austin Aries said he was taking some time away from the ring and then suddenly he was released out of the blue.

According to’s Sean Radican┬áthe decision to release Austin Aries was all his. He apparently asked for his release after feeling like he was stuck in a nowhere spot on the roster and pigeonholed to his place in WWE.

It was also said Austin Aries had developed a bad attitude backstage and was constantly complaining about his spot with the company. It had gotten to the point where Aries developed a reputation for his bad behavior and poor demeanor.

Aries was wrestling on WWE’s live shows up until last weekend but the decision was made to give Aries his release on Friday night. WWE wished him luck on his future endeavors and we can be sure Austin Aries has plenty of future plans for himself in the world’s blossoming independent scene.

  • D2K

    They didn’t give him many reasons to have a good backstage attitude. Who wants to sit around and watch their career waste away? Especially at his age? Is he supposed to be happy about it?

    These stars need to start signing shorter-term deals with out clauses. WWE is the big time, but it is not the end all, be all. If they don’t have specific plans for you then your being there is not going to be pleasant. I will say that Al Snow had some good advice when it comes to being in WWE. Once they put you on TV, your name is known worldwide. You can use that to your advantage in marketing yourself outside of the company. I think a lot of talent is starting to wake up to that and are finding lucrative positions away from the company.

  • BB

    They should have just taken him off the main roster and put him back on NXT. Maybe he would have been happier with that instead? I feel like that would have been good for himself and NXT. I’m choked to see him go so soon but I can see why he was frustrated.

    They need to just do away with 205. Either drop the division from the main roster and combine it with NXT, or keep the cruiserweights around but let them branch out and fight other dudes on the main roster. Because I feel like they’ve already done every match up possible with their division 10 times over and I have completely lost interest. Especially once Neville loses the title, then I for sure won’t tune in anymore