Update on Possible New Hulk Hogan Reality Show

Talks are ongoing about filming a new Hulk Hogan reality show around town in Tampa, Florida according to a report by The Tampa Bay Times. This is related to comments made by Hogan that he’s considering a new reality show that would be outside of a home setting. Part of the deal could also be re-branding an existing restaurant as “Hogan’s.” Here is an excerpt from the Tampa Bay Times:



“The persistent buzz is that Hulk Hogan is being brought in, that the restaurant name (Crabby Bill’s) will be changed to Hogan’s, and a reality television show will be filmed on site on the Courtney Campbell Causeway. Crabby Bill’s CEO Matt Loder Sr. confirms that (hotelier Ben) Mallah is a friend of Hogan’s and they are in business discussions.”

Mallah helped build the new “Hogan’s Beach Shop” store that opened this month.

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