Update on Hulu Airing RAW Edited, WWE Tryouts Ending, More

– The WWE NXT crew will wrap up their current tryout clinic today in Tampa. After that, the NXT heads will sit down and start deciding on who they want to bring back.



– WWE Classics is currently running a poll asking fans which special guests they would like to see on upcoming Legends of Wrestling roundtables. The options are Road Warrior Animal, JBL, Trish Stratus, Vader and Larry Zbyszko.

They are also running a poll asking what classic WWE programming we would like to see more of. The options are SmackDown, Superstars from the 90’s, Action Zone, Livewire and Shotgun Saturday Night.

– Regarding the new Hulu Plus service only airing a 90-minute version of WWE RAW, it’s because WWE has only given them rights to stream the shorter version. Apparently Hulu is working on bringing full episodes to their network but that likely won’t happen because of clearances with the USA Network.

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