Update On John Cena/Roman Reigns contract signing promo on Raw

As everybody probably knows by now John Cena and Roman Reigns took part in a sick promo cutting session on Monday Night Raw. If you missed it, you really should check that one out. It all started like any other contract signing but then it took a drastic turn into a shoot-feel.



But Dave Meltzer commented on Wrestling Observer Radio saying the entire thing was written by WWE to feel that real. So in essence, they scripted John Cena to bury Roman Reigns in the way he did because they had to have known Reigns couldn’t swim in waters that deep with Super Cena.

It was said WWE was looking for a The Rock vs John Cena atmosphere but Roman Reigns is not his cousin on the microphone (or in the ring). However WWE is still pressing on with The Big Dog.

“For whatever reason, you know their long-term goal is Roman Reigns as everybody knows,” Dave Meltzer replied. “You know their infinite wisdom might not be infinitely wise but they believe that this was the best thing. This whole thing, I mean it was all completely scripted. It’s not Roman Reigns and John Cena shooting on each other or having a verbal duel. Roman Reigns did get lost once actually.”

After Roman lost his footing in the promo when Cena threw him off by calling out the fact people say Kurt Angle sucks too John said, “it’s called a promo, if you wanna be on top you gotta learn how to do them.”

Meltzer commented, “that line was, of course, John coming [at Roman]. But essentially, the whole thing — this whole thing was completely scripted by the writers. It’s not something where they just let the guys go. I mean John’s really good at this, he’s great at it when it comes to those kinds of promos.”

“But this wasn’t like when he was on Talking Smack and he was out there being what was really the best John Cena is when he’s not scripted. This was a great John Cena promo but this was exactly what they wanted.”

“I mean that was their mentality. Their mentality is to make John Cena the babyface in this thing. I think so, at least that was how I was watching it […] I’m not sure if the idea here is to cut Roman Reigns down so people feel sorry for him.”

Credit for quotes in this article goes to Wrestling Observer Radio and WrestlingNews.co for the transcription

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