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Update on Linda McMahon Possibly Joining President Elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet

If reports that Linda McMahon will be joining WWE Hall Of Famer and United States Of America President-Elect Donald Trump’s cabinet are true, it won’t be for the position of Secretary of Commerce. Trump is expected to bring aboard billionaire investor Wilbur Ross to serve as his Secretary of Commerce instead.

Soon after Trump emerged victorious over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election sources close to both Trump and McMahon confirmed to NBC that Linda was under consideration to be brought in as Secretary of Commerce in Trump’s new administration.

Linda did, however, meet with Trump today in Manhattan so perhaps she has been given a different role with the administration:

“The meeting went great,” she said via The Hartford Courant. “Anytime the president-elect of the United States asks you to come in for a conversation, you’re happy to do that. We talked about business and entrepreneurs and creating jobs, we had a really good conversation.”

When asked if she has been given a position with the new administration, McMahon simply stated “stay tuned.”

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more…..

  • Darrin Tyler

    stupid bitch…

  • Solid

    We’ll see, in time it wouldn’t surprise me if they end up having jobs, nepotism being what it is.

    FTR I’m not even American, I think Both Trump/Republicans and Clinton/Democrats are liars and f****** clowns who would/will end up hurting America.

    Also throwing Romney’s name onto a list of a few other people who Trump likes and who supported him doesn’t make him likely to get the job, more like he’s on the list to appease normal Republicans, though Trump will probably just pick Giuliani or the former oil executive.

  • MrDr3w

    His children will be advisors, but will not hold official positions. I don’t see how so many of these so-called informed, “educated” Democrats/anti-Trump people can just blatantly ignore the facts like they do. And Trump is considering Mitt Romney for Secretary of State. Clearly not a friend of His. I don’t know where you’re getting your information from, but I suggest you look elsewhere if you’re looking for facts.

  • Solid

    That alone won’t get her jack squat, however she’s a friend of Trump, which it would seem as of late is enough to get you a cushy job in the administration purely because of that, as evidenced by Trumps handing out of jobs to friends (and eventually family as seen recently with his children accompanying him to meeting with foreign heads of state) like lollipops.

  • MrDr3w

    She’s been a huge donor to the Republican Party for years.

  • Solid

    Secretary of Offence? 😛

    Well I guess if you can’t get yourself elected be friends with someone who did…